It's Washed and rinced by woter
stroked by the wind
Dried by the sun
Embellished by metals
Purified by the flame...

Born from the soild
The greatest gift is an immagination. When I am creating where are
no boundaries, no limits, it is all about feeling. When I am not
creating art, I'm thinking about it. Clay work is my passion.
My ceramic is a visual documentation of my life's experiences,
explorations and influences.
The pieces are bold statements from inner voise.
Some have tribal rhythm. My Main inspirations come from nature,
old cultures, ethnic art and also from the qualities of the clay itself
and how it acts during the making process and firing. The
process involves layering often using in variety of style.

I like to create new small worlds
I hope you enjoy it as
much as I love to create it...